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   First and foremost, you should decide which type of wedding theme suit your personalities and lifestyle.  Whether you want Something Traditional or personalized to your taste. Your wedding can be as unique as you.

Play it smart and pick your theme first. It's easier to coordinate your decorations, favors, flowers, dresses, menu and all the other items required when it revolves around a theme.

Choosing to work with a theme will guide you in your decisions and selections regarding wedding invitations and wedding favors, food and menu choices, Wedding decorations, as well as finding the perfect location for your ceremony and reception, along with so many other critical details.

Once you have a vision of what you want your wedding to "look like", you can then begin focusing on exactly what you'll need to buy and/or make, plus have a better understanding of what vendor arrangements will need to be made. This will save you both time and money in the long run.

Remember it is OK to think OutSide the Box it is your wedding after all.

When you dreamed of your wedding as a little girl, was it a grand, traditional experience or did it have a unique, modern twist?

The sky is the limit when planning a theme wedding. The key thing to remember is that even though it is a theme wedding, it should have all of the same basic elements of a traditional wedding. But where to start? Our check list is the first step.

          1.Choose Your Theme!

A great theme wedding cannot start without a great theme. Start by choosing something meaningful to you. What are your interests or hobbies? Popular themes include beach/nautical and garden themes, romantic or Shakespearean themes and even Western-style or Renaissance themes. Cultural themes are especially popular in recent years. These include African, Hawaiian, Italian, Asian themes or even Shotgun weddings.  Are you more serious, playful, elegant or edgy? Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your personality. 

          2.Choose Unique Wedding Favors and Invitations!

Invitations are a great place to start introducing your theme. For the Renaissance theme, an invitation with a knight in shining armor would fit well. A garden theme invitation inset with flowers and trees would work well for a garden wedding. Do you want a causal beach wedding? Continue your theme with themed wedding favors. If you and your fiance love golf, golf ball bottle openers or a golfer's key ring might be perfect for you. You can start your search for the most unique wedding favors and bridal shower favors online. Create fun, tropical style invitations to give your guests a hint of what is to come. 

          3.Choose Location and Decorations!

Now that you have decided on a theme, picked out invitations and chosen favors, you can think about big items like location and decorations. Remember, nothing is too out of the ordinary. Host a Camelot-themed wedding inside a romantic castle or an under the sea wedding at the local aquarium or at the Zoo.  A garden wedding would be perfect in a tranquil wooded setting. When decorating for your Renaissance wedding, you can use flowers, balloons, garlands, streamers, posters and other items to help transform your site into the fairytale you are creating for your guests. Think about popular motifs for your theme. Beach balls indicate a fun beach wedding, while a saddle and bales of hay would be perfect for a Western-themed wedding. Whatever you choose, there are great places where you can either rent or purchase everything from decorations to props and costumes.

          4.Choose the Music, Food and Dance!

What better way to carry out your theme than through the right choice of music. This is especially true for cultural weddings where African music or an Italian dance can set the mood and make all the difference. Do some research to find the right type of music or take dance classes to learn the proper waltz technique for a royal wedding. Through your research, you may find other great ideas for details to make your themed event a spectacular one.

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