Courthouse wedding - Looking for a courthouse wedding in St Louis or maybe something a little personal and intimate , For a Courthouse wedding ceremony with style and convienence or a JOP wedding ceremony., we can help our Wedding Officiant / Minister from St Louis Wedding Chapel  will perform wedding ceremonies for all faith’s and denominations as well as civil ceremonies that are traditional or personalized to your taste.  So if you are looking for a courthouse wedding with a little more you.   Call St Louis Wedding Chapel for a courthouse wedding with style -  St Louis Courthouse Weddings - Courthouse style wedding ceremonies  

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St Louis Courthouse Weddings

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Simply put, getting married at the

courthouse can be a rotten experience.

Sitting in the hallway with lawyers and probations - possibly for hours - is neither fast nor romantic.  And Sometimes after waiting are told to come back the next day.  Many couples go to the courthouse wanting a fast, cheap, and easy marriage ceremony.  But in many cases that is not really what will they will get.  Nor should getting married to be treated like a dentist appointment.  Getting married is something that should be cherished and celebrated.  Even if it is quick and easy.  Remember the old movies where the man climbs a ladder to his brides window and whisks her off to get married.

At St Louis Wedding Chapel - Getting married can be fast, easy, inexpensive - romantic & fun.  You can elope simply by dressing up for a night on the town or come as you are.  - There are no rules, be spontaneous and romantic.  At St Louis Wedding Chapel your wedding can be easy and memorable. Make it special, meaningful and uniquely yours.

Do it with Style at St Louis Wedding Chapel

•  1  Go to your local Recorder of Deeds and register for a marriage license. The small fee varies by county. Obtaining a Marriage license in Missouri can be same day

•  2  Designate your witnesses. Missouri requires two witnesses to oversee your union. Traditionally, this is the role of a maid of honor and best man. But a witness can be any adult over age 18.

•  3  Pamper yourself on your wedding day. Every bride deserves a little indulgence. So allow a long bubble bath. Give or treat yourself a manicure and pedicure, or even get your hair done.  You are a princess that day, no matter how simple your ceremony will be.

•  4  But even if your plans are simple you can still get dressed up.  Buy yourself a pretty new dress or a cute new top. You deserve to look and feel special, even if it is only a $10 to $20 investment. It is an investment in you that will make you glow with happiness as you become a Mrs.

•  5  Carry flowers. Even if you cannot afford a specialty bouquet, pick a handful of wildflowers and tie with ribbons. These small details will help you feel the part of a blushing bride.

•  6  Assign a photographer. Whatever you do, don‘t skip this part. Pictures preserve the occasion and the memories. Have a friend or family member take snapshots before, during and after the wedding. Our Wedding Chapel make for beautiful memories. Go to the park, take pictures at a restaurant or go right down the street to River City Casino . there is a lot of beautiful scenery inside and out to take pictures.  These moments of love deserve to be framed and remembered.

•  7 Plan what to do after the ceremony. Go out to eat with your witnesses and family members. Go somewhere you can afford and enjoy. A dinner after your ceremony makes the wedding feel official, giving you the perfect opportunity to laugh, love and share the beauty of the love you and your new spouse share. After the dinner, consider going away on a short retreat that is rejuvenating and fun, even if it is a simple night at a local motel.

A change of scenery can make all the difference. If that isn’t in the budget or your time frame, before you leave for the wedding ceremony, make your home into a honeymoon retreat. Make sure the bed is made up with fresh linens. Turn off the phone and anything else that could disturb you. Have a couple of candles set out, and don‘t forget a few luxuries such as a bottle of wine and maybe some chocolates.

“Don’t Settle For a CourtHouse Wedding”

We Perform Weddings 7 Days a Week

CourtHouse Wedding Special

Quick & Simple Wedding Ceremony

Must Bring Valid ID,  2 Witnesses And a Valid Missouri Marriage License  

Friday, Saturday & Sundays are $150  

Call for Evening & Holiday pricing

May Take Photos in Chapel afterwards - Please call for other rates, for small traditional weddings with family and friends

Must Make an Appointment  -   Sometimes Same Day

On a budget or thinking of eloping or a courthouse wedding?  Call us today and talk to our wedding officiant.  We can discuss some practical St Louis options to fit your needs.  The St Louis Wedding chapel has one thing in mind to give you a beautiful small wedding ceremony. One where you can take plenty of pictures and create treasured memories.  Whether you want “Short - Sweet and Simple” or traditional wedding with dad giving you away and a bridal party to stand with you. What ever your preference we can help.   

Maybe you have thought about a themed wedding.  We are between Jefferson Barracks Park and RiverCity Casino.  So you can have a little bit of Las Vegas right here in St Louis If you choose, Get married in our wedding chapel take plenty of pictures and head down the street to River City Casino for plenty more pictures and even dinner

•  Most people who marry quickly or Elope forgo a reception. But why skip out? You can plan a small get-together at a local bar, or have a backyard barbecue. Alternately, plan a reception for later -- maybe your first anniversary -- when you can afford the time or money.  So if you are thinking of Eloping or a CourtHouse Wedding give us a call.  We would be more than happy to discuss all your options....   Call     St Louis Wedding Chapel

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