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There are many great places and Ideas for having an outdoor wedding.  Such as having your wedding in a beautiful park or garden, maybe somewhere that the two of you have spent a lot of time together having long walks, picnics, playing ball, or just shared a lot of great moments getting to know one another. 

A family member or friends home or estate is another great place to have an outdoor wedding.  Maybe even near a lake or a pond. Or what can be more personal than your own backyard.  Or why not choose to have your wedding ceremony in the vineyard of your favorite winery.

Today with a little imagination and planning the ideas are limitless.  Virtually anywhere can be dressed up and transformed into the perfect place for your special day.

Our wedding officiant can help you plan the perfect wedding ceremony.  Or even sometimes help in the planning of your wedding.  Or just check out our website for many great ideas and valuable resources.

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Planning and Outdoor Weddings

Thinking about a Park Wedding?  St Louis has many beautiful parks and sites to choose from,  The Grand Basin in Forest Park, Piper Palm House in Tower Grove Park, and the Boat House in Carondelet Park to name a few.   And a park wedding out in the open with all that nature has to offer can be quite beautiful.  

When planning a park wedding there are things to consider permits, weather and set up.  

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Thinking of Having an Outdoor Wedding

PERMITS - Parks are public areas however if you are going to have a number of guests, and are going to be setting up chairs or decorations.  You want to make sure the spot you wish to have for your wedding at is available to you on the exact time and date you wish to use it, you will need a permit.  Parks are public areas, 1st come, 1st serve.  And a permit always trumps, it is the only way to make sure you may have your wedding on the desired date and time.  Sometimes you may see a Small Elopement Wedding ceremony of just a handful of people. Where the couple is willing to stand around and wait, to use a particular spot or is willing to move to another location, in the park to get married, many time times does so without a permit.  But rest assured many of the beautiful places in the park you think are perfect for your wedding, someone else is thinking the very same thing.  And even if you are there first and they pull out a permit.... They win! 

WEATHER - Most of the time we can reasonably plan for the weather, but as we all know it can be a bit unpredictable. It is alway a good Idea to have a back up plan.  Whether to set a Tent, have a back up gazebo or shelter or to simply provide umbrella for the guest.  You need to have some sort of back up plan.  Many times if you are having a reception following the ceremony they may be able to provide you with a back up plan.  They may allow and even set up for a ceremony as a back up for you on your wedding day in the event of bad weather. 

SET-UP - This is an important key to the wedding.  Parks and gardens offer much space and great beauty but we still need to accommodate our guest with places to sit.  You can rent chairs reasonably from a place like  Although you can save quite a bit if you ask, or even pay a friend to pick up and set up the chairs for you.  and any extras like maybe an isle runner, some columns, wedding arbor or back drop for ceremony, tikki torches, garland, tulle, ribbon, lanterns and more.......  Can be found in arts & crafts stores like Hobby Lobby & Michaels

OUTDOOR VENUES - There are many outdoor venues in St Louis.  Such as Botanical Gardens, Piper Palm House, Butterfly House, the Zoo, Busch Stadium, a Golf Course, a Winery and much more.  A wedding venue may simplify things for you with prearranged wedding packages for you to pick from and by handling many of the details for you such as decorations and seating to name a few.

But what ever you decide...  We are are just a phone call away.      

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