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How about an engagement ceremony and party.  A party is very lovely way to start the engagement process. The Engagement Ceremony is a pre wedding ceremony and important part of wedding in many cultures. This ceremony has great importance as it is the ceremony which starts the romantic journey of getting married. An Engagement Ceremony is performed well ahead of the wedding as it signifies the commitment to get married.

Usually small parties held for the closest family members of the groom and the bride and are meant to get the two families meet and get to know each other better. In some cases, it is time when the parents-in-law meet for the very first time, so it is a show off time accompanied with fancy dinner, luscious desserts and a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. The engagement dinner party pretty much means that both families accept the engagement.

The rituals and customs of the wedding engagement may vary from one region to other.  It is an old ritual yet still popular in many cultures today.  In many cases it is also a time when a date for a marriage is set, if it has not already been predetermined.   It can also be a time when couple gets blessings from parents or elders.  Asking for these blessings or asking for a daughters hand can even be incorporated into the ceremony.

This is Not a Wedding Ceremony

There is no license required.....     Only when the couple partakes in the solemn ceremony of marriage

where lifetime promises and or covenants are made is it then binding for life.  A Marriage requires you to obtain a marriage license from the state.

An engagement ceremony is merely proclaiming in front of friends and family that you are beginning the journey towards marriage.  Professing your love in front of witnesses what can be more romantic.  And lets face it is another great reason to throw a party.

And here at St Louis Wedding Chapel we can Help you plan and create a customized engagement ceremony to fit your needs and expectations.  Call us Today....

St Louis Wedding Chapel

st louis wedding chapel

Although many say the engagement ceremony originated in the western culture it dates back and is very strong in the indian and vietnamese cultures as well in jewish and polish heritage.  The engagement ceremony is almost celebrated in the same manner in almost all the religions except for certain variations according to their community and family rituals.

Generally, the engagement ceremony is organized at the bride’s place or some banquet hall. The family and relative of bride and groom gather to celebrate the first formal party of the forth coming wedding ceremony. Both the families exchange gifts, sweets and good wishes. A formal ring ceremony is then done to solemnize the engagement ceremony. The prospective bride and groom are then introduced to each other’s family. A lunch or a dinner (depending up on the time of function) is organized for all the family members and guests present at the ceremony.

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