St Louis Wedding Officiant / Minister in St Louis  Clergyman / Wedding Celebrant  will perform weddings for all faith’s and denominations as well as civil ceremonies that are traditional or personalized to your taste in St Louis. So if you are Looking for a wedding officiant also know as many other titles such as Minister, Wedding Celebrant, Civil Celebrant, Pastor, Father, Rabbi, Preacher and many more titles who perform wedding ceremonies civil or religious


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Wedding Celebrant


    a. A Celebrant a person who participates in a religious ceremony or rite.

    b. A Celebrant person who officiates at a religious or civil ceremony or rite, especially a wedding.

    c. In some Christian churches, the cleric officiating at the celebration of the Eucharist is know as a Celebrant.

2. A Celebrant a participant in a celebration.

Usage Note: Although celebrant is most often used to describe an official participant in a religious ceremony or rite, a majority of the Usage Panel accepted the use of celebrant to mean "a participant in a celebration" in an earlier survey. Still, while New Year's Eve celebrants may be an acceptable usage, celebrator is an uncontroversial alternative in this more general sense.

Men and Women who perform Weddings in Missouri must be an Ordained Minister or Judge

Although known by many names & titles such as Pastor, Minister, Officiant, Wedding Celebrant, Reverend and so on...

At the St Louis Wedding Chapel - we are all Licensed Ordained Ministers - We can Help to fulfill your needs on your wedding day - Whether you Want a Civil Wedding Ceremony or a Religious Ceremony,  “Short and Sweet” or a wedding ceremony custom written and personalized, to make your wedding day as unique as the two of you. 

Check out our Wedding Chapel or call us for help find a location for your wedding.  We perform wedding ceremonies all over St louis and surrounding areas.  Call Today 314 472-5017

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Looking to get married in St Louis - A Wedding Officiant at St Louis Wedding Chapel can Help!  The St Louis area is our home and when it comes to weddings we specialize in everything St Louis.  Our wedding Officiants travel all over St Louis and Surrounding areas including St Louis County, St Charles, St Charles County, Jefferson County, Franklin County & More.   Call and Speak to a Officiant / Minister / Celebrant Today. Call...  314-472-5017   St Louis Wedding Chapel - St Louis Wedding Officiant - Elope to St Louis - Missouri Marriage License Offices - St Louis Wedding Vendors - St Louis Wedding Sites - Wedding Ceremonies - Wedding Accessories - St Louis Justice of the Peace - St Louis Courthouse Wedding SpecialSt Louis Park Wedding - St Louis Wedding Planning  -  St Louis Wedding Vendors  -  St Louis Wedding Minister  -  St Louis Wedding Celebrant - St Louis Wedding Shuttle Bus -

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